Categories and Criteria
Regional Care Home of the Year
  1. Scotland
  2. North
  3. South
  4. Midlands & Wales

This category is open to any care home; whether your part of a group or privately owned. While the standard of care on offer will be considered, in this category we will be particularly looking at what makes you stand out from the other homes in your area, with a strong focus on nutrition, innovation and dignity within care.

If you make he shortlist, we will want feedback from both your staff and resident family members on what being part of your home means to them.

You don't have to be the biggest, or have the best technology to succeed in this category, but you do have to demonstration a genuine passion and commitment towards care.

In short, you will have a facility to be proud of – and will want to shout about it.

Volunteer Team of the Year

This award will acknowledge the importance of the volunteers in this industry. The judges are looking for a team of selfless individuals who have shown great enthusiasm and determination in their work.

You will be required to show evidence and provide details of your team's commitment to residents, and the home they work in. This team could do great work with the wider community or get involved with the day to day running of the home.

The winner of this category should be a vital life line to the facility they work in.

Commitment to Training and Development

This award is aimed at care homes who are dedicated to training and development. How do you ensure your staff are constantly improving? Why do you think it’s important to keep members of your team educated? These are questions we’ll ask you.

We’ll speak with different members of your team, and look at how you ensure they’re kept up to date with training, so that your clients are offered the best care.

Care Team of the Year

This award will be presented to the team who are able to best demonstrate a shared vision and agreed goals. You’ll work as a team to provide the best care and resident experience a well as being able to demonstrate passion and commitment to the workplace, and respect to support each other.

Examples of how teamwork has solved a problem, led to improvements or made a difference to the residents should be included.

Activities Team of the Year

From bingo to aerobics, this category is all about keeping your residents engaged and entertained with activities

We'll be asking to speak with your activity co-ordinator and residents about the different sessions you provide.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This special award will be presented to the man or woman whom the judges believe has dedicated their working life to the caring industry. We're looking for someone who's made a long-term outstanding contribution. If you have worked with someone exceptional over the years who has excelled, inspired or made a difference, please nominate them.

Dementia Care Team of the Year

Are you part of a first class team that provides outstanding dementia care? If you ensure dignity and respect is first on your list of priorities we want to hear from you.

We want to see how your team ensures residents comfort isn't compromised by offering support.

You'll need to provide us with details on how you care for your dementia patients and any specialist qualifications your team have that makes them perfect for the job.

End of Life Team of the Year

This category is tailored for the teams that focus on providing the most compassionate end of life care they can.

You will be required to provide full details of the end of life plan, the type of patients you treat, and provide examples of where your team have shown compassion, kindness and dignity during the end of life process.

Retirement Village of the Year

Do you work at a retirement village that offers a wide range of facilities? Have you got a spa, a cinema or a gym?

Do your residents have access to luxury facilities and the latest modern technology? This is the category for you.

Your retirement village will have to stand out from all the others, perhaps because of activities and opportunities on offer to residents, or because of the outstanding care on offer.

Management Team of the Year

Good management is one of the key components to running a successful home. This award will be presented to the team who are able to use communication and passion for the industry to get the best out of their team.

You'll work closely with your employers to provide residents with a fantastic experience, whilst also ensuring your team are working to their best potential.

The winning team should ensure they manage staff who are proud of the facility the work in.

Care Employer of the Year

Are you proud to work for your employer? Do they inspire you to do your best, and reward you when you go above and beyond what is expected?

Whether you’re a member of the housekeeping team, a caterer or a carer. If you work with a company that make you inspired to come to work every day, we want to hear from you.

Best Initiative in Care Award

If you're a facility that's dedicated to bringing original and inventive ideas into your care home then this is the award for you.

You should provide details of any ideas and actions you've brought into your care homes and why they help with the day to day running of your facility.

This could be anything from introducing a new service or system for staff or launching new activities for your residents.

Catering Team of the Year

We’re looking for a catering team that ensure they strive for perfection with every meal they cook.

Providing residents with tasty and nutritionally balanced food, making sure they have a good experience every time.

You’ll need to be part of a team that have excellent communication skills and are able to build up a rapport with residents.

Quality in Housekeeping

Are you part of a housekeeping team that has an eye for detail and a passion for perfection?

We want to hear from you. If you and your colleagues have kindness and trust at the top of your priority list, and you do a fantastic job every time, this is the award for you.

Care Group of the Year

This award will honour the care group that ensure they invest in every aspect of their company.

Do you ensure your employees are trained to the best of their ability, and your residents are happy and comfortable? Have you created a thriving and efficient working environment in all your facilities? If so we want to hear from you.

Best Outdoor Environment Award

This award is aimed at care homes with outstanding outdoor facilities that engage residents.

Whether you’ve created a sensory garden or a space for older people to enjoy the great outdoors, this award is ideal for you.

We'll need to see evidence of residents enjoying the facilities, and hear about what differences your outside space is making to their life.

Excellence and Innovation in Dementia Care

This award is aimed at care homes and homecare services who are constantly looking at ways of improving their offering for users with dementia.

You should provide details and the benefits of any product or innovative idea which you have introduced that has transformed the lives of other people using your service living with dementia and/or their carers

National Care Home of the Year

The winners of the regional categories will automatically be entered for the National Care Home of the Year Award